natural hair regrowth

4 Factors that Helps Natural Hair Regrowth

When it comes to regrowing hair that has fallen out, there are tons of products on the market for that very purpose. But, did you know that there are things that you can do to help regrow your hair naturally? It’s true; you do not need to use harsh chemicals or spend hundreds of dollars on transplants. By making 4 easy changes to your daily routine, you can be well on your way to a full head of thick, luxurious hair.

Good Diet

diet for hair regrowth
A good diet is vital for hair growth

The best way to regrow hair is to start with a well-balanced diet. Try to avoid really fatty or fried foods. Those foods are pretty much junk, with very little nutritional value. Instead, try to eat a lot of protein and iron. Try to pack your diet with lots of leafy greens, legumes, nuts, and fish. Red meat is also a great source of protein, but do not go overboard on the red meat. Chicken is another good source of protein and is typically much leaner than red meat. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, make sure you are getting complete proteins. Complete proteins are proteins that contain all 9 of the amino acids we do not make naturally in our body. These amino acids are important in protein synthesis, and therefore hair growth. Examples of complete proteins, other than animal proteins, include beans with whole grains, such as rice, nuts and whole grains, or beans and nuts.

Stress Management

stress management for hair growth
stress is know to help hair regrow naturally

If you have a very stressful life, at one point or another you have probably had clumps of hair fall out in the shower. I know how scary this can be, but it can also be reversed. Just by getting your stress under control, you can start regrowing your hair. A really great way to manage stress is by doing yoga. For me, 30 minutes of yoga 4 or 5 times a week helps melt away the stress and really relaxes me. It does not have to be advanced yoga, even a very basic yoga sequence in the morning or at night before bed can do wonders for managing stress. If you think this step is non-essential because you have your stress under control with cigarettes, think again. Cigarettes can be a major factor when it comes to hair loss, and they should definitely be avoided while you are trying to regrow your hair. There are lots of ways to cope with stress, such as reading, listening to music, going for a walk, keeping a journal, or taking a bubble bath. And that is not all, so feel free to try many different things until you find one that works for you.

Sulfate-Free Shampoo

sulfate free
sulfate play a big role in hair loss

Frequent washings with your typical shampoo can actually do more damage than good. Most shampoos have sulfates that strip your hair of its natural oils, and the more you use it, the worse it is. A shampoo loaded with sulfates may even be the culprit behind your hair loss. Be sure to use a natural, sulfate free shampoo. However, just because it is sulfate free does not mean you should use it every day. Washing your hair every day can dehydrate your scalp. Instead, it is best to shampoo your hair every couple of days, usually only 2 or 3 times per week.


Exercice helps hair regrowth
Exercice can help hair regrowth

Exercise almost seems to be a cure all. It prevents countless diseases and health complications, on top of boosting hair growth. By getting up and getting active, you are promoting blood circulation, which in turn promotes hair growth. There are no special scalp exercises or anything like that, just any exercise that gets your heart pumping will help regrow hair. When I began trying to regrow my hair, I neglected to follow this step. Once I added regular exercise to my routine, I definitely noticed my hair growing back faster. I can only imagine how much sooner I could’ve had my hair back if I had been exercising from the beginning.


If you are serious about getting your hair back, these are a great place to start. These are all pretty simple changes that you can make to your everyday routine without totally reworking your routine. Before you try any other methods you find online, try these. Because no matter what else you try, if you do not fix the underlying problems of diet, exercise, stress, and the wrong type of shampoo, it will be difficult to ever get your hair back. After trying unsuccessfully for months to try to regrow my hair, making these few changes is what ultimately help me restore my hair back to its former glory.

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