Ottawa Deep Tissue Massage

The pain, the suffering and then the light

There are a lot of people suffering from digestive issues, and they don’t even know what causes them because they lead healthy lives and they practice physical exercises. There’s quite a strong connection between the body and the mind, and this goes both ways. When the mind is uneasy, this can cause physical effects and vice versa. The dampness in your abdomen can cause sluggishness, obsessive thinking, fatigue, bloating and weight gain. When the blood is stagnating in your chest you will also feel in low spirits, you will probably suffer from insomnia and more health conditions.

My story

For a few years, I have been suffering from various health conditions that included digestive issues and general discomfort. I have been experiencing all kinds of gastrointestinal problems such as nausea and also muscle soreness, hormone imbalances (this appeared after I gave up birth control medication), mood swings, and overall discomfort. It goes without saying that I have tried all kinds of treatments and I have visited a lot of doctors who prescribed me lots of medication. But the symptoms were only going away for a short amount of time, and after that, they always came back. I never fully trusted alternative therapies such as acupuncture, but after reaching rock bottom regarding my health, I thought to myself that’s worth a shot. So I called the Kinetic Edge clinic and made an appointment for the next week.

The First Appointment

When I first saw my doctor, Joanna Taylor, an Ottawa deep tissue massage specialist, I must confess that I was immediately impressed by her demeanor as a doctor. While she was listening to my symptoms, she also asked me all kinds of questions that helped me further explain the way that I had been feeling. She managed to identify various issues that I was suffering from such as hormone imbalances, and a weak spleen. After she helped me understand why I was not feeling well and how I will be able to treat my problems, I managed to feel an instant mental relief. It was essential that the doctor was able to make me trust her because this is essential and trust is hard to find these days.

Acupuncture is a way of leveling the energy of your body by inserting needles underneath the skin in particular points on energy meridians. This can cure illnesses and various disorders as well. After the first session, I felt better, and I learned that this was thanks to my body that relieved endorphins, some chemicals that mimic opiate. They lead to pain relief and general relaxation. My doctor told me that I would need about two or three treatments per week to make things better and of course, I agreed.

My Overall Experience

I have been visiting Dr. Joanna Taylor at the Kinetic Edge clinic for two months now, and I am delighted with the results. During all this time I experienced valuable healing, and my mood swings went away as well. My hormone imbalance was also improved, and I became less fatigued. During the nighttime, I was finally able to sleep properly, and my muscle soreness and intestinal issues disappeared as well. I feel like a whole new person today after two months of acupuncture. I would recommend this alternative therapy to anyone who wants to obtain a better quality of life. The Kinetic Edge clinic also provides more services such as massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, registered physiotherapy and more

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