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What is a scope for a Ruger 10/22?

The semi-automatic Ruger 10/22 rifle is aptly named for its combination of a .22 caliber rifle chamber and its removable 10-round rotary magazine. A favorite of collectors, survivalists, hunters as well as casual gunners, the Ruger 10/22 rifle has a load of practical and recreational applications and can come in handy in various ways, one of which is hunting. If you plan on hunting with your Ruger 10/22, it’s important to understand what a scope is and how it works with a Ruger 10/22.

What is a scope?

A scope (more technically known as telescopic sight) is a firearm accessory that’s useful in both hunting and military applications. (Though for the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on hunting.) It works like an optical refracting telescope, allowing you to clearly see distant images in up close and high detail through the lens.

Many scopes feature reticles which are grid patterns that allow you to get a better lock on your target. A round scope features a cross-like reticle with evenly divided segments, and there are many variations that typically have to do more with the structure of the reticle itself (such as the way the target area is indicated) than anything else, like the fine crosshair, the target dot, and the duplex crosshair. This simple cross pattern isn’t the only sort of reticle; further variations on the simple design exist for various applications. For instance, both old and modern rangefidning reticles will have more than four lines. The old style features a horizontal line above the main intersecting horizontal line, while the new style is more like a duplex crosshair, but with horizontal lines of decreasing width intersecting the bottom vertical line until they reach the small point in the center of the reticle. The German reticle is the simplest of all in appearance and features only three lines: right, left, and bottom. They do not intersect in the middle leaving a broad space in the target zone, and there is no top line.

For your Ruger 10/22 scopes —or any other firearm for that matter—is also going to feature various adjustments for things like elevation, illumination and magnification. (More complex scopes may take into account wind, for instance.)

Other things you should know about getting a scope for a Ruger 10/22

Just like the scope is an accessory for your Ruger 10/22, your scope may require some accessories of its own, so it’s important to be aware of that for the sake of preparedness and budget reasons.

You’re going to want a case or some other form of protection for your scope when you’re traveling it or otherwise not using it. How rugged the case needs to be depends on your needs, and some scopes will even come with their own.

Optical filters might be useful if you hunt in low light conditions. They can change light to things like greyscale to help you see through the scope better than you would otherwise be able to. If you’re looking at optical filters, be sure to choose the ones that optimize your lighting in the conditions you’ll be hunting in.

Finally, if there are going to be any lasers involved, you need protective eyewear, as unprotected laser exposure can ruin your vision for life, which will definitely make you a crap shot.

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