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When traveling for business, you need to keep up to date with what is going on in the office back home and send emails. A travel router helps you create a wireless network for your devices. You can use it with your laptop, phone, and other internet-enabled devices.

It is common nowadays to have free Wi-Fi in most hotels and café. But, the problem is are the connections secure. Personal travel routers enable you to run your private network securely. The routers are fast with some known to have speeds of up to 300 MB per second. This is enough to run all your devices.

Choosing the right travel router can be challenging if you have never used one before. The market is flooded with different brands and finding the right one can be problematic. The first step when purchasing a router is to determine your needs. Questions like: how many devices will I connect to the router, speeds and connection ports. The size also matters because you do not want to carry something that is very bulky. Other extras that you should look for are password encryption. The world is full of hackers who are keen on getting information from unsuspecting people. Since selecting a router can be time-consuming we have come up with this blog to help your along the way.

Richard, our lead blogger, has worked as a security analyst for the last five years. He has been responsible for checking that the network configurations in many organizations are secure and free from hackers. He brings a wealth of experience when it comes to finding the best routers for business travelers. He has experimented with some of the top brands in the market and knows which ones offer value for money.

Finding the right router is time consuming and just like with anything electronic the probability of purchasing a fake is very high. Some products do not match what was advertised, and with lack of a warranty you can end up losing your hard earned cash. We understand how frustrating it is to walk into a hotel and find that the Wi-Fi is slow. That is why you need your own router so that you can be in charge of your connectivity. Our buying guides are meant to help you make the right choice. Here you will find some of the best brands in the market. Read on to find something suitable for you.