Richard has always had a fascination with computers from when he was a child. He would dismantle one and then assemble it again. It did not come as a surprise when he became a Certified security analyst. He has helped many businesses build the ultimate secure network. When Richard is not doing something IT related, he loves going fishing with his two sons. This is their way of bonding and catching some fish. He plans to retire soon and buy his own boat and travel around the world. But, before this happens Richard continues to contribute to various blogs on matters IT.

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The Best Travel Router- Top 5 Reviews of 2018

The Best Travel Router- Top 5 Reviews of 2018

. November 8, 2018 . 0 Comments

The best travel router makes life seamless. Or doesn’t it? Owning a wireless router you can take anywhere is very important. You know what’s awesome? Unlike a home router, the travel router does not need a power source to work. Portable travel routers are extremely useful for people who travel a lot for business or […]

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