Intel Core i7-8700K Desktop Processor Review

Intel Core i7-8700K Desktop Processor

In my opinion, this is the best single thread execution speed available prior to the 8086K (think X-Plane), and performs very well for multi-threaded applications as well. Think of photo and video editing, gaming and VR. It plows through everything with ease. The only shortfall: you can easily overclock on this processor, so get yourself a cooler.

Intel Core i7-8700K Desktop Processor Features

● Processor 3.7 GHz Intel Core i
● Graphics Coprocessor Intel HD Graphics
● Card Description integrated
● Processor Brand Intel
● Processor Count 6
● Computer Memory Type DDR4 SDRAM
● Voltage 240 volts


● Powerful motor – This is lightning fast on multi-core intensive processes. Never breaks a sweat when gaming. plenty fast enough for anything that you want to throw at it.
● Great for multi-tasking – Perfect for performing multiple tasks on a screen. There’s no noticeable slowdown.
● All around capacity – Six cores with 12 threads enables multiple processes to be executed effectively.
● Installation – The ease at which you can overclock this particular processor is absolute.
● Comfort – Smooth and quiet at all times.


● Lacks the stander CPU cooler and fan equipment of the older models. Easy overclockable up to 5ghz, so you’ll want a good aftermarket cooler for this. (It clocks in at just over 4 GHz for each processor).
● Eight threads isn’t mainstream yet, so you’ll need to tweak this CPU to get its full benefits.

Final Verdict

An all-around flat-out performance! This Intel Core i7-8700K Desktop Processor is a steal for a solid 6 core 12 thread processor that’s smooth, quiet and fast! Actually really fast. The CPU runs at 50 degrees with no overheating, while the base clock speed base hits a 4.5 GHz on high-performance mode.
The CPU is able to multi-task with no problem. You’ll find this processor can run, at least, three different zipped folders or files of around 4GB, simultaneously, with multiple browser tabs open at the same time.
Gamers will find this CPU great for gaming – and, in fact, it goes way beyond personal gaming. You can also live-stream or record, edit, and post your epic highlights. In fact, this processor cuts video clips in a couple of seconds. In short, it’s the best single thread execution speed available prior to the 8086K (think X-Plane) and performs very well for multi-threaded applications as well. High-end I7s and I9s, with higher core counts or quad-channel memory that even come close to this CPU in single-threaded execution speed, cost twice as much and require much more expensive motherboards.
Overclockers: Look for a powerful cooler or a delid to maintain comfortable temps. You need a cooling solution, otherwise you’ll have a radiator in the winter and a nuisance in the summer,
Otherwise, this CPU comes top-rated.
Bottom line: A solid CPU buy.