Uniden R3 Radar Laser Detector GPS Review


The Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Radar Laser Detector GPS is a radar detector for those who want the best. It has a 360-degree digital signal processor for complete coverage around your vehicle while you drive. The model is designed for cars and trucks of any size. Easily mounted on a dashboard, this radar detector is ready to be your companion for all upcoming road trips.

Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Radar Laser Detector GPS Review

When the Uniden R3 Extreme arrived, what first struck me was the size. Most radar detectors I’d seen around were small; while the R3 is lightweight at less than two pounds, it measures in at 9 by 4 by 7 inches and it’s exactly what the Uniden r3 review were saying online. This wasn’t a problem for the dashboard of my vehicle, it might be something to consider with yours. The second thing I immediately noticed was the color display. It’s an OLED display that shows real-time info on what’s going on around your vehicle while you drive. I was blown away by how easy it was to install (plug it into the cigarette lighter) and by how many features this thing offered. Since it was a little higher of a price point than some of the others I had reviewed, I was excited to see what it could do out on the highway.

Pros of the Uniden R3 Extreme

  • On top of the usual radar and laser detection, the R3 also offers red light camera detection. It uses top-of-the-line GPS, a digital signal processor, and its “extreme” radar sensitivity to ensure that you know everything that is around your vehicle at all times.
  • Software updates are free online. While most detectors with GPS charge for updates for their GPS and software, Uniden offers most of their updates without charge. Luckily for their customers, the updates all seem to make their products better rather than worse. Free and good usually don’t go hand-in-hand, so that’s good news for me!
  • The radar detector has a wider range than any other brand I’ve ever used. When it says that they have a wide range, they really mean it. I couldn’t believe how much time I had to react when this detector went off compared to previous models I’ve purchased in the past.
  • The R3 has programmable options to lockout false K and KA signals.
  • It comes with a sweet carrying case, a cigarette adapter with “Mute Key” and USB Jack, and two different mounting brackets.

Cons of the Uniden R3 Extreme

  • Compared to most radar detection models, the R3 is pretty pricey and can set you back. Although, if you get pulled over a lot, it may pay for itself it no time!
  • The machine has a tendency to give false positives for K bands and KA bands while in city driving. If part of your regular commute includes such city driving, you may have to do a bit of finagling to ensure that you don’t have the alarms blaring every few minutes. Since the R3 has a GPS set up, you can tell it to auto mute in certain locations. But until you get it set up, it will blare every time you drive by a luxury car or someone opening their doors. Since loads of things use IEEE, this can get a little annoying.

Final Verdict

Once the R3 was set up and ready, it was incredible. The amazing range, the red light camera detection… It has everything I ever dreamed of in a detector. It does have its downsides, but each downside seems to be improving every time a new update comes around. Between the free software and GPS updates (and all the missed tickets), it has paid for itself over and over again. Uniden has hit on something with the R3, and I’m ecstatic to have it as my copilot on all my future road trips.